Observing systems - EDIOS

The EDIOS Directory gives an overview of ocean, marine and coastal observing monitoring programmes and related stations / series. The metadata for the EDIOS entries are maintained by the National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODCs) in Europe, which are members of the EU SeaDataNet network. The compilation and quality assurance of the Pan-European EDIOS Directory is performed by the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC), while the operation of the User Interface and associated website is performed by MARIS. The data and data systems are managed by the operators themselves. A link to the archived data sets and real-time data systems is provided in the metadata, wherever possible.

The EDIOS directory is an initiative of the EuroGOOS secretariate. The first release was produced as part of the EU supported EDIOS project. The second release, which includes a complete upgrading of the EDIOS format, maintenance system and user interface, has been done in a cooperation of EuroGOOS with the EU SeaDataNet project. At present it only contains an up-to-date overview for the United Kingdom, but in the short term this will be expanded with entries from other countries.