Data access services

Access to archived data  

The NODC partners manage large data sets in local databases. The NODC Common Data Index (CDI) gives users a highly detailed insight in the availability and geographical spreading of marine data across the different data centres. It also provides an integrated and harmonised access to these data resources, using a distributed network approach.

Access to real-time data

The Department of Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), one of the NODC partners, is responsible for  National Monitoring Programmes for marine and fresh waters via monitoring networks and repeated surveys in Dutch waters. It operates the real-time National Measurement network Water (LMW). The LMW produces continuous information about the current water level of the Dutch coastal and inland waters. Current speed and outflow are also measured. Using standard measuring apparatus, this information is collected from over 160 locations. The  measuring points at the North Sea comprises platforms or buoys, that collect continuous data about air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, cloud base, visibility, water level, water temperature, wave height and wave direction.

Access to real-time data of the monitoring networks

 This website is updated approximately three times an hour. The data that can be accessed include: outflow, wave data, current speeds, water levels, water temperatures, wind directions and speeds, chloride levels, air pressures and temperatures.