European Directory of Marine Organisations EDMO

As part of the SeaDataNet Discovery services a number of metadatabases are being maintained by the NODCs in Europe. For each of these directories it is important to have up-to-date names and addresses of organisations, that are involved in the marine data acquisition, processing and management activities and research projects. Therefore the European Directory of Marine Organisations EDMO has been set-up to streamline and to manage these addresses and organisation profiles efficiently and in a consistent way.

Currently, EDMO lists and describes more than 1.000 Research Institutes, Data Holding Centres, Monitoring Agencies, Governmental and private organisations, that are in one way or another engaged in oceanographic and marine research activities and/or data & information management or support services.

The compilation and maintenance of entries for EDMO is coordinated by the National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODCs) of the SeaDataNet network, who contact and communicate with institutes in their countries to gather and to ensure up-to-date information about addresses and profiles of these institutes. The maintenance is integrated in the national collating activities of NODCs for each of the existing metadirectories, but new instruments and working methods have been implemented to support a coordinated maintenance. NODCs can check and update the national organisation entries by means of an online Content Management System (CMS).