9 April 2009

New Cooperation Agreement signed at NODC Symposium

At 9th April 2009 a NODC Symposium was held at the KNAW in Amsterdam for presenting the results of the NODCi project to a wide selection of shareholders and potential users. This project has been executed from 2004 to 2008 within the framework of the 'Ruimte voor Geo-Informatie' programme and has resulted in a complete upgrade of the NODC website with various services, including harmonised online access to the marine and oceanographic datasets, that are managed by individual NODC member institutes. 

The Symposium programme included:

This was followed by an official ceremony, in which the directors of the NODC member institutes undersigned the new NODC Cooperation Agreement, which regulates the functioning of the National Oceanographic Data Committee (NODC) and the maintenance and operation of the NODCi infrastructure and its services for the long term. The occasion also marked the participation of IMARES as new NODC member.