15 April 2008

Common Data Index provides index to NL data

As part of the NODCi - project within the Ruimte voor Geo-informatie programme NODC partners are making good progress with the further development of the NODC portal for providing overviews and regulated access to data sets and products, that are managed by NODC partner institutes.

An important milestone was reached with the launch of a facility for identifying available data sets, thereby paving the way towards data access. A key element in the data identification and access to in-situ data is the Common Data Index (CDI) metadatabase, which is adopted from the EU supported SeaDataNet project. The CDI catalogue follows the ISO19115 metadata standard. For NODC a dedicated CDI portal has now become operational, that has been populated with data inventories by all NODC partners. 

Visit the NODC CDI directory